What is it?

Modular optical recognition software system for multifunctional flatbed machines for industrial usage.
Finishing software for outline-exact cutting with or without camera-controlled orientation.

Key Benefits

  • Supports industrial automatized workflows
  • Minimizes share of rejects because of
    – optical recognition system
    – print divergency compensation
  • High-End lens/OS Camera combination allows 
    – Usage of miscellaneous video marks (also colored ones)
    – High speed mark recognition
    – In most cases no additional illumination needed

Key Features

All OS Front-End tools plus

– Multiple production modes: Manual, Tandem, Feeder (single or carpet), Roll, Multi-Copy
– Supports also cameras of third party suppliers
– Determination of the output sequence via layer assignment
– Compensation calculation using discrepancy of read-in video mark positions and those given by printing file
– Repetition of output jobs with chosen parameter settings is possible at any time
– Edge recognition
– Double line recognition (laser welding)
– Non-scaled output

Recommended for:

– Applications, which need camera supported recognition
– Industrial needs, special production workflows
– All applications which need to cut, die cut, laser or mill printed materials outline-exactly
– Zünd and Wild flatbed plotters with/without mill option
– Multifunctional flatbed machines with customized tool heads
– All HPGL and G-Code capable machines
– Existing Zünd multi functional flatbed cutters or comparable machines can be equipped with a camera

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